Raga Bhimpalasi - Renu Jain

Sitar Recital Excerpts of Aalap, Jod and Jhala in Raga Bhimpalasi played in a live concert in Delhi,2011

Raga Pahadi -Renu Jain

Renu Jain plays a pleasant tune in Raga Pahadi or Pahari on Sitar, an Indian instrument. This video shows her journey over the years playing sitar. She plays a Dhun(Tune) based on Raga Pahadi which is described as Tune of Valley and Mountain. Her unique style is captivating and enchanting.

Raga Abhogi -Renu Jain

Raga Abhogi -Kamani Auditorium Delhi

Renu Jain Sitar

On occasion of Gandhi Jayanti at Gandhi Memorial Centre -Performance by Renu Jain & Debu Nayak October 2,2011.

Bhairvi Dhun

Raga Bhairavi -A raga of intense devotion fulfilling the yearning of man's quest for the divine.